Beegarden - How can I do something good for our bees?

Help our bees with a variety of flowers in your own garden. The increase in monoculture areas and the disappearance of varied flower meadows make it more and more difficult for our bees to find food. Parks and gardens with a great diversity of species are becoming more and more important for our bees.



The beegarden project is a collection of plants that are particularly important for the food supply of our bees. The plants are particularly described with a view to their nectar and pollen values. But the benefits of plants for us humans should also be briefly presented. For example, many herbs can be used in the kitchen or as remedies. Berries and fruits give us nutrients and vitamins. And our eyes can delight in many other flowers.

So that the plants in our garden also thrive, a few gardening tips should not be missing. The care and reproduction is briefly described. The right soil and location usually play a decisive role.

It goes without saying that pesticides and artificial fertilizers must be completely avoided in a beegarden. In a diverse garden, however, pests are usually reduced in a natural way, because it usually also creates a habitat for natural enemies.

The beegarden project should pay off a little for everyone who is committed and involved. Bee-friendly gardens can be described and presented in the form of a blog entry. Other users can then rate and comment on the project. We hope that this will create further incentives and suggestions for further projects.

Observations and photos can be posted in a forum on the topic of beegardens. Questions about the care and propagation of the bee-friendly plants are just as welcome as experiences about the beneficial effects of the plants. You can also post recipe ideas with herbs, berries or fruit and vegetables.


How can I support this project?

The support of this project should be a concern of everyone, because the bees are responsible for all of us. Our bees can also be helped with a small contribution. Even planting your own balcony or a small garden increases the variety and thus the food supply for our bees. It is of course important to make sure that no pesticides are used.

The larger the areas that are designed to be bee-friendly, the better. So it should be a matter of course for companies that often have large unused areas to plant them in the interests of our bees. Municipalities are also responsible for the design of large areas, with the main focus on the food supply for our bees.

This should only be a few examples of who and how the beegarden project can be supported. But everyone should find ways to help our bees find food for themselves. We want to provide some suggestions for this on the Beegarden website.

Many thanks to everyone who wants to do something good for our bees.

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