Project development

If you have a good idea for an innovative beekeeping project, you can register with 4Bees and present your project on various channels. You can create a simple blog entry with your project description and provide all the information necessary to create your product on the wiki. In the forum you can discuss your ideas and experiences with other members.


The observation of the honeydew flow is a complex topic and can only be accomplished through the cooperation of several beekeepers and the support of the most modern tools. 4Bees offers a platform for collaboration and the exchange of information and knowledge. Register with the costume observation group and share your experiences and knowledge. In return, you can benefit from the information of others.

Become a Member

4Bees is an open platform for all beekeepers and bee friends and gives everyone the opportunity to become part of the community. A simple registration allows you to use all the collaboration tools. A public profile page also gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to the interested public. On a private page you can collect and store important information. This gives you the opportunity to access it anytime, anywhere.