Dieter Metzler

A long time ago I graduated from the Higher Technical College for Electronics and Communications Engineering in Rankweil. I graduated in economics from the University of Innsbruck. I worked as a financial controller and soon became a freelance filmmaker. During this time I have repeatedly worked as a ski instructor, rafting guide, kayak trainer and high ropes trainer. I could list a few more things I tried during this time and still didn't find the right one until I made my decision


to become. Although I grew up with bees through my father and have been involved with bees for almost 40 years, I have not yet dared to make beekeeping my profession. My father always said: "Beekeeping is the best hobby, but unfortunately you can't make a living from it in our region. The fluctuations in yield are too great and it can very well happen that there is no honey for 2 or 3 years, no matter how many bee colonies you have."

So it is also clear that I had to look for something else and of course it should also be fun and something useful. It has always been a passion of mine to try out new things and to develop and implement ideas. And what would be better if it also had something to do with bees. My decision was then also clear that I wanted to develop products for beekeeping and bees. These products are intended to make the beekeeper's work easier and improve the living conditions of the bees.

This resulted in the beekeeping platform , which I am currently supervising very intensively in addition to my 110 bee colonies and which I hope will soon grow like my beekeeping.